JSP and Servlets Using Resin


Java remains the go-to technology for server-side web and enterprise applications today.  With it, developers can embed Java code directly into web pages they serve to clients, or create sophisticated server applications, that manage every aspect of the client-server transaction.  For this, you need an application server integrated with your web server and, while many such products available, Proloquor.net uses Caucho‘s Resin.  Here we introduce the basic concepts of JSP’s and servlets, and discuss how to serve them using Resin.

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Comparing Populations


So far, our discussion of statistics has been limited to the analysis of a single population.  In many cases, we often want to compare 2 or more population sets.  In polling for example, a common problem is to compare the answers given on two or more questions asked.  In this post, we’ll discuss how to quantify the relationship between two random variables.   Continue reading “Comparing Populations”

Revision Control with Subversion

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Managing the source code for your project isn’t a big deal when it consists of only a few files, but it gets a lot more complicated as it grows.  Here we’ll discuss what Revision Control is, how it’s done with the open-source tool Subversion, and how Proloquor.net uses it.  As usual, we’ll focus on Eclipse plug-ins to integrate the process into the development environment.

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Unit Testing in Java


Testing is a vital component of any software development.  To be effective, testing must occurs at multiple levels, focusing on individual software units or the entire end-to-end system.  In this post, we’ll concentrate on the former and discuss the tools and techniques Proloquor.net uses for unit testing their Java code, particularly those integrated into the Eclipse environment.

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Few technologies have made an impact on the computer and information technology industries like Java.  It has its critics and even its most ardent supporters readily sight its flaws.  But Java remains the most diverse programming language today and the one Proloquor.net uses almost exclusively.   Here we’ll go over the basics, point out some useful resources, and set you up for more detailed tutorials on the Java components we use.

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An Introduction to Eclipse


Calling Eclipse an “Integrated Development Environment” (IDE) for software is almost insulting to its creators.  Considering it a platform for building integrated web and application development tooling makes it suitable for enterprise applications as well as software development.  Since Proloquor.net uses it as a base for all software development, we’ll discuss its initial setup and use for that purpose. Continue reading “An Introduction to Eclipse”